golden-state-warriors-stephen-curry-suit-style.jpgImage Credit: Sports Illustrated

Twelve years after the NBA’s enactment of the “business casual” dress code, NBA athletes such as Steph Curry pictured above are some of the finest professionally dressed men in the world. The dress code changed the mindset of NBA athletes. In 2005, it was an attack on young African-American men, who they were, and what they represented. They were targeting the hip-hop generation. Yet today, NBA athletes embrace this dress code. “For years in the N.B.A., players have viewed being well dressed as a given, as much a part of modern basketball culture as layup lines and pregame stretches” (Keh, 2015).

Image Credit: more than stats

Despite initial pushback by some players, and some that still exists today, the dress code has turned the NBA into one of, if not the best, dressed sports leagues in the world. “Instead of following the country-club-friendly guidelines to the letter, players and their newly appointed stylists began treating it as a sartorial challenge” (Parrish, 2015). High end fashion has stepped into the world of professional sports and the walk between the bus and the locker room has become a runway for basketball’s most fashionable men. Since the dress code was enacted in 2005, ten NBA players have appeared on the cover of American GQ, far higher than any other sport (Parrish, 2015).


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By: Libby Cope & Elise Hansen

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